Saturday, May 14, 2016

Who is your bet for the grand finals tonight in Asia's Got Talent?

 EL GAMMA PENUMBRA from Philippines :) was the grand champion!!! Congratulations to all!!!!

I been watching Asia's Got Talent since it started and im so thrilled to know who will be name as first ever Asia's Got Talent Winner!!! 

 Gerphil Flores - Classical Singer (Philippines)

Junior New System - Hip-hop dance group (Philippines)

Khusugtun -Musicians (Mongolia)

Triqstar- Dancers (Japan)

Talento - Young Rock Stars (Thailand)

El Gamma Penumbra - Shadow Play Group (Philippines)

Dance Thrilogy - Tap Dancers (Singapore)

Gao Lin and Liu Xin - Dancers (China)

Gwyneth Dorado - Young Singer (Philippines)

My bet is either Gerphil, El Gamma, and Gao Lin- Liu Xin!
All of the grand finalist are great, I know its hard to choose but i voted Gerphil, i really like her voice!!! 
Best Luck to all!!
Tonight in AXN at 8.05pm the announcement of the Grand winner.., Yay cant wait!!!

PS. All photos are not mine, grab all from google!!!