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The Viewfort Venue Review

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These are the few things my friend and my husband's review on The Viewfort Venue. I have nothing to say as they already said it all. These reviews are actually on their facebook site but i dont know why when we view the site we cant see it so i decided to blog it instead. Ayaw ko po silang siraan or whatever but ito po yon talaga ang mga opinions namin. Wala man lang nag reach out sa amin about the reviews.

This is from my tita/friend/outside coordinator's review.
I assisted in the outside preparations for friends' wedding, and oversaw the flow on the big day at Viewfort, and we were disappointed because the services we got was way below than the amount we paid. Saving grace? The bride's make up artist and the emcee.

1) you offered a package and assigned different suppliers accredited by your resort. But your suppliers seem not coordinated. You created a group chat but everyone was talking to the bride separately. Even up to the last minute, you keep bugging the already stressed bride.

Tama bang sabihin nyo na magrelax and pray lang dahil wala namang perfect wedding? Even after the final meeting 1 week before the wedding, may mga sinasuggest pa kayong changes na di aware ang coordinator, and ibang suppliers na part ng preparation.

2) security issue, walang bantay sa entrance pagdating namin, and no one received us to assist sa room namin. May dumaan lang na staff nyo na nagsabing dun kami sa taas. 

3) we reserved 3 rooms and nakaspecify ang room numbers, but pagkacheck-in ng foreigner guests namin, sabi nyo 2 rooms lang ang kinuha namin, and occupied ng iba ang connecting rooms.

4) make aure you clean up the rooms before you let the guests check in, ang mga banyo di nalinis, may soiled diaper pa.

5) ang welcome drinking water dumating lang kinabukasan nung nagcomplain na kami, lahat kami uhaw the night before (you allowed us to check in at 9pm)

6) last minute changes ng backdrop dahil di coordinated

7) assembly na ng entourage naghahanap pa ng bridal car

8) we asked for official receipts for our payments, provisional receipt lang ang bonibigay nyo, ang sabi di daw nag iissue ng OR. Hindi kayo nagrereport ng income nyo sa BIR? Sabihin nyo pang magdagdag kami ng 12% kung gusto namin ng OR. Hello, rule of thumb vatinc yan kung di specified sa advertised package nyo.

9) make sure na ang mga accredited suppliers nyo na inaassign sa clients nyo are professionals. Nagpalit na pala kami ng coordinator nalaman lang namin less tham 2 weeks before the wedding. Walang proper turnover, ni ha ni ho wala na kaming narinig sa may ari ng instyle. Yung pinalit di nya alam yung usapan with the groom to assist in translating some of his words in tagalog. Nung nakipagmeeting kami and may question sa dating coordinator ng instyle ang sagot laging wag magworry dahil pagagandahin ng bingga ang wedding.

10) the bride was worried during the ceremony dahil sira ang upuan nila, kinapa pa nya dahil baka bumagsak na lang ang groom.

11) the one assigned to assist the bride said na first time nya mag assist sa wedding

12) right after the event, di pa nakakaalis lahat ng guests pinapasettle na additional charges, the next day pa ang check out namin, di man lang kinonsider na sobrang pagod na ang mga kinasal

Overall, yung nagcoordinate during the wedding ang parang napagbuntunan ng init ng ulo, pero nakita naman namin na sya ang pinakapagod and she did her beat to still run the event smoothly. We sent her a private message to thank her, which she deserved dahil nafix nya mga nag arise na glitches during the wedding.

This is from my husband's review.

I don't understand a few things said in Tagalog but I have a few things I would like to say myself about the viewfortvenue and In Style Events. 

Before I being I want to say these companies do good work and have so much potential for so much more. The emcee really brought life to the reception and the photographers are great. Great job on the food too by the way.

That having been on your communication skills. No one talked to each other. The caterer, venue, photographer, or wedding planner. The wedding planner should be heading all this up and should be the only one talking to the couple.
On the day of the event the wedding planner was very unorganized from what I could see. She could not line anyone up in the correct order, was not paying attention at certain points during the reception, and clearly did not have control. Did not give any updates or timeline on when to be ready for things just go now.

A huge point I want to make WHO PUTS A BENCH IN THE ISLE WHERE THE BRIDE HAS TO WALK??? Come on use your brain. If you feel a bench is necessary bring it in after the bride is at the front.

32 workers for a 100 guest event and the couple has to pay for their lunch and dinner??? If you got that many people than every guest should have been served food personally or something. I saw quite a few employees sitting down or talking to each other instead of working. It's not easy street...make it memorable.

Sound for the singer was not perfect. Did they do a sound check or practice before the wedding? It was the brides entrance...seriously. Also everything was way too loud.

The cake being 7k for one layer that is edible? I feel robbed and taken advantage of because I'm a foreigner.

Employees talking during the prayer.

Talking down the photo booth before all the guests were gone.

They had such a large space but all the guest and isle felt very cramped to me.

Lastly in my opinion none of the rooms were worth the price we paid. Not even close.

A couple of these things are my personal preference. But most should be corrected I hope these companies learn.

In the end the wedding still happened and I am married to the love of my life which is what I really wanted.

Yes wala kaming madaming pera, kaya cguro ganun ang nangyari. Wala kaming madaming pera na imodmod sa kanila. Kinuha namin ang package para mapamura ang gastusin pero napamahal tuloy. Yong 7k worth of cake talaga d ko kinaya because sabi three layers and okay go, but on the day of the wedding three layers nga at p*cha ung second layer lg makain, mas masarap pa ang red ribbon don. Mas malaki pa ang tag 400 pesos na cake sa red ribbon ang pwede makain sa cake namin na 7k, taga Instyle Events ang gumawa ng cake.

Coordinator: Instyle Events
Photo/Video: Joch Studio
Hair & Make-Up: Carlo Lim
Caterer: Good Food Huge Taste Right Choice
Florist: Bea Alonte

I actually no problem with the Photo/Video, Make up and the host. They are all brilliant!

PS: Baka sabihin nyo na walang kinalaman ang venue sa mga nangyari, pero package nila ang kinuha at sila ang nagbigay ng mga supplier so its their responsibility pa din.

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